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Fragrance and Fiction

Echoes of Eden

Echoes of Eden

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Author: Latasha Howard
Number Of Pages: 215
Release Date: 08-01-2024

Languages: English

Binding: Paperback

Package Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.51 x 8.5 inches

In the town of Edenridge, Sarah, a passionate young archaeologist, and John, a charming pastor, are about to embark on an exciting adventure. Together, they stumble upon an artifact said to be from the legendary Garden of Eden. As they uncover its secrets, Sarah and John immerse themselves in a world filled with messages and unexplainable events. Their faith is tested as they face challenges that bring them closer than ever.

With each step into the relic's history, their exploration sparks an illicit love affair and attracts the attention of a secretive society. This shadowy organization is determined to keep the artifact's power hidden. In this journey, Sarah and John are faced with danger, betrayal, and moral quandaries that push them to their limits.
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